Dive in to the Aquamarine Waters and Colonial Romance of the Dominican Republic.

From enchanting fishing villages where locals go about their lives in peaceful tranquillity to dramatic rocky cliffs that teeter and tumble into aquamarine waters where pirates once roamed, the Dominican Republic offers a myriad of delights and attractions allowing you to walk in the footsteps of Christopher Columbus as you discover historical ruins and traces of the ancient Taíno people carved into time-worn rock walls.

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Top reasons to pick Portugal for your next Short-Haul Escape

One of Europe’s oldest extant nations, Portugal is a hidden gem of dramatic walled towns, enchanting hilltop castles and meandering cobbled streets.  Dive right in to the birthplace of adventurers as you play at royalty in magical castles, or perch on the edge of jaw-dropping cliffs at Cabo de Sáo Vicente to catch the perfect sunset. Bursting with friendly faces and picturesque sights, Portugal is a hidden playground of captivating coastline and hidden coves made for two. Read on for our top reasons why you should make Portugal your next escape.

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Seek out the Birthplace of Gods Among the Mythical Greek Islands

Uncover a land of mythical spirits, breath-taking landscapes and the birthplace of Gods. Far from a typical sun holiday, the Greek islands combine centuries of ancient culture with a fresh new face in luxury travel and some of the secret wonders of the world.  Paddle through the crystal waters of hidden caves and explore marooned shipwrecks as you discover the true enchantment of a destination shrouded in a legendary aura. Xclusivity presents to you, islands bursting with cultural sights, majestic views and some of the world’s most captivating beaches. Read on for our personal insight into five of our favourite islands.

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Encounter Understated Luxury with our Classical European Escapes

Discover all of the charms of Europe as you lounge on sun-kissed beaches and find your own secret cove for a mid-afternoon picnic. Boasting some of the most captivating scenery these hidden gems delight in unparalleled service and enchanting views, allowing you to sit back and relax amid all of the splendour of the most luxurious retreats Europe has to offer.

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Delve into the Luxurious Seychelles

With 115 islands to explore and a wealth of marine life to uncover, the Seychelles are a dream destination waiting to be discovered. From beaches lined with tiny turtle hatchlings to tumbling hillsides of tropical greenery, the Seychelles are a picture-perfect postcard of undiscovered beauty spots and tranquil reading nooks. Unearth a land of tumbling foliage and long stretches of sand or dive into pristine waters overflowing with captivating colourful creatures as you explore our top picks of Xclusivity’s Seychellean treasures.

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Discover Paradise Island

Discover the undeniable luxury of the Bahamas as you uncover its most exclusive holiday destination, Paradise Island. A world of lavish escapes and elegant sophistication, the island offers up a plethora of resorts boasting the highest quality of service and charm. The setting for films such as Casino Royale and countless television specials, this hidden gem has become synonymous with luxurious living and our collection of Bahamas resorts are no exception to that rule. With year-round sun and glorious vistas, it comes as no surprise that its shores attract a steady stream of glamourous guests wanting to discover its secrets.

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Discover the Desert Island Luxury of the Turks & Caicos

Allow yourself to drift away to a destination whose name is synonymous with luxury as you discover the perfect spiritual destination, ideal for reflection and rejuvenation. A nature lover’s paradise, the Turks & Caicos are home to an abundance of richly plumed birds and an array of animal species that make exploring the islands a delight.

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Experience the Maldives

It’s no secret that the Maldives is a haven of uninhabited islands, but it is also home to some of the world’s most luxurious resorts. Uncover a world of breath-taking ocean-top resorts inhabiting their own private islands as you gaze out across miles of turquoise waters with nothing to see but the pristine waters and the clear blue skies. Embark upon your own Robinson Crusoe adventure as you lounge in an extravagant villa perched on stilts above the tranquil waters below or dangle your feet from the edge of a heavenly hammock as you gently sway along and dip your feet into the clear waters.

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Discover the Exotic Luxury of the Far East

Discover a world of skyscrapers and magical greenery, blissful tranquillity and awe-inspiring temples as you voyage to the Far East and sample all of the delights to be found there. Uncover the serenity of luxurious resorts and peaceful city enclaves that seem worlds apart from the hustle and bustle that surround them. Traverse through tropical rainforest as you discover a myriad of colourful wildlife before retiring to the tranquil surroundings of hotels bathed in luxury and catering to your every need.

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