Dive in to the Aquamarine Waters and Colonial Romance of the Dominican Republic.

From enchanting fishing villages where locals go about their lives in peaceful tranquillity to dramatic rocky cliffs that teeter and tumble into aquamarine waters where pirates once roamed, the Dominican Republic offers a myriad of delights and attractions allowing you to walk in the footsteps of Christopher Columbus as you discover historical ruins and traces of the ancient Taíno people carved into time-worn rock walls.

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Unico 20° 87° – Wellness Personified

Mesmerising and pampering, Unico 20° 87° is a one-of-a-kind resort set upon the captivating white sand beaches of the Riviera Maya offering an immersive escape infused with a luxurious taste of the local culture. From personalised aromatherapy experiences to an extensive wellness programme, Unico 20° 87° provides everything you need to indulge mind, body and spirit among its enthralling surroundings.

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Serenity at Coconut Bay – An Indulgent Escape

Discover Serenity at Coconut Bay with Xclusivity at: https://xclusivity.co.uk/holidays/st-lucia/vieux-fort/serenity-at-coconut-bay?blg

Escape to an enticement of adults-only serenity nestled among the captivating sights of St. Lucia. A destination built for romance, Serenity at Coconut Bay offers a unique escape catering to the needs of every traveller it encounters with an indulgent set of services to match. Lounge in a luxurious four-poster bed or take a dip into your own private plunge pool, decorated only by the sound of the trickling waterfall that runs into it, the luxury of both is yours in this captivating enclave of St. Lucia.

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Discover the Resort Voted #2 All-Inclusive Resort in the World

A haven of beautifully landscaped tropical gardens and opulent views, LUX* Belle Mare lies as a wonderland of wandering pathways adorned with the gentle scent of herbs and tumbling perfumed flowers that line the grounds. Set on the island’s widest stretch of beach and boasting the most spectacular sunrises, LUX* Belle Mare is the ultimate place to find your zen with a myriad of pastimes such as beachfront yoga set against its captivating backdrop ensuring your tranquil journey into pure bliss. Having recently been awarded second place on Tripadvisor’s Top All-Inclusive Resorts in the World, here’s how we know LUX* Belle Mare is well worthy of its prestigious title.

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Six Reasons Why We Love The Landings Resort & Spa

Tucked away along one of St. Lucia’s most celebrated beaches, The Landings Resort & Spa exudes an air of luxury and timeless elegance. Home to spacious villas, world-class service, the island’s only private marina and alluring views, The Landings is one of the only true beachfront destinations on the island. Immerse yourself in luxury island living at its finest. We’ve been fascinated with The Landings Resort & Spa since day one, and here’s why.

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Celebrity Hangouts

From Hollywood heartthrobs to royal guests, our collection of resorts offer the ultimate in high-class living and the chance to holiday like a celebrity in some of the most exclusive destinations around the world. Stay in the home of a renowned author or member of an iconic band or lounge in an instagrammer’s paradise, waited on hand and foot with a dedicated beach-side service. These resorts offer it all and more, read on for some of our most exclusive locations attracting some of the biggest stars.

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