Delve into the Luxurious Seychelles

With 115 islands to explore and a wealth of marine life to uncover, the Seychelles are a dream destination waiting to be discovered. From beaches lined with tiny turtle hatchlings to tumbling hillsides of tropical greenery, the Seychelles are a picture-perfect postcard of undiscovered beauty spots and tranquil reading nooks. Unearth a land of tumbling foliage and long stretches of sand or dive into pristine waters overflowing with captivating colourful creatures as you explore our top picks of Xclusivity’s Seychellean treasures.

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Discover Paradise Island

Discover the undeniable luxury of the Bahamas as you uncover its most exclusive holiday destination, Paradise Island. A world of lavish escapes and elegant sophistication, the island offers up a plethora of resorts boasting the highest quality of service and charm. The setting for films such as Casino Royale and countless television specials, this hidden gem has become synonymous with luxurious living and our collection of Bahamas resorts are no exception to that rule. With year-round sun and glorious vistas, it comes as no surprise that its shores attract a steady stream of glamourous guests wanting to discover its secrets.

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Discover the Desert Island Luxury of the Turks & Caicos

Allow yourself to drift away to a destination whose name is synonymous with luxury as you discover the perfect spiritual destination, ideal for reflection and rejuvenation. A nature lover’s paradise, the Turks & Caicos are home to an abundance of richly plumed birds and an array of animal species that make exploring the islands a delight.

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Family Escapes

Make memories that last a lifetime with Xclusivity‘s family-friendly luxury resorts that don’t just provide your average activities, but go above and beyond to provide unique and lasting holiday memories that will be talked about for years to come. Zip-line across forest gulfs, picnic on private islands and encounter one-of-a-kind experiences you can share together as you bask in the sun-drenched surroundings of some of the world’s most captivating landscapes with resorts that cater to you.

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Take in the City Sights in Hotels with a Difference

Embark upon a thrilling city escape and shop until you drop in hotels perfectly placed to access all that their destinations have to offer. Discover the delights of Asia and the Middle-East through our luxurious hand-picked collection  and thrill at one-of-a-kind experiences with hotels perfectly placed to explore the captivating cities they inhabit.

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Unwind and Rejuvenate in Some of the World’s Most Exclusive Spas

Find your true zen as you dip in to the serene tranquillity of some of the world’s most pampering escapes. Discover worlds of luxury at resorts and boutiques offering unparalleled spa retreats and heavenly treatments. Unwind and relax with unique spa experiences that cleanse and revitalise, allowing you to sink into serenity in style.

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Encounter One-of-a-Kind Properties

Dip into a world of unique escapes in some of the world’s most exclusive settings, range across hilltop paradises and ancient historical treasure troves, reach the very heights of luxury and soak in captivating views for memories that will last a lifetime.  Journey with us through time-honoured classics that possess something truly distinctive, an unshakeable sense of singularity that permeates into their very bones. Indulge in Xclusivity at its very finest.

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Boutique Finds

Private beaches and hidden reading spots, a world of unparalleled luxury awaits you in an intimate selection of hotels bursting with character and the unique charisma attached to hideaways this small. Uncover a world of hand-picked stays as you voyage through one-of-a-kind discoveries and time-honoured classics, all with under 50 intimate rooms to retire to.

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Set Sail on a Private Island Escape

Dip in to secluded havens and secret delights as you bask in the remote tranquillity of a private island inhabited by just you and a few other select guests. Discover sprawling island paradises or exceptionally small retreats, all surrounded by nothing but the azure oceans and beaches where the only footprints left will be yours. Read on for a selection of our favourite private island escapes, each in sun drenched and mesmerising locations and overflowing with luxurious extras.

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