Discover the Colourful Culture of the United Arabian Emirates


Contrived of 7 diverse emirates, the Arabian Peninsula nation of the United Arab Emirates is situated along the Persian Gulf and claims a total of 83,600km² of land. With an abundance of extraordinary lifestyles within the nation, the humble yet exhilarating character of the UAE is home to unparalleled landscapes, distinctive cuisine and a colourful, welcoming culture.

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Uncover the Rose-Tinted Sands and Colourful Traditions of Bermuda

Picture the balmy waters of the Sargasso Sea as they lap gently on the shore, pastel coloured buildings that seem to glisten in the sun and a private picnic for two on an endless stretch of undisturbed beach. Travel to the land of brightly coloured shorts, where they are less beach wear more formal attire as you experience pristine pink sand and magnificent hidden coves, made for adventures. Discover Bermuda’s trademark translucent blue waters in a country with more coastline than it has mainland.

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Experience A Life Less Ordinary in the Caribbean

A gold mine of sheer natural beauty, tranquillity and adventure, the Caribbean is a leading destination for luxury-seeking holidaymakers across the globe. Each of the rum-soaked islands are unique, yet all just as idyllic as one another, embracing their own exclusive charm and personality. Diamond-white sands, sapphire seas, and incredible underwater life marry the Caribbean into a real-life island fantasy. This formula for romance and tropical bliss ensures any getaway to the Caribbean will exemplify luxury in its purest form.

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So, Why Choose Xclusivity?

Allow us to introduce ourselves. At Xclusivity we value and celebrate all the global luxury destinations you’ve always dreamt about. We’re passionate about uncovering the world’s most alluring locations and placing them readily at your fingertips. Our experts refine every aspect of your trip to suit you, from finding you the suite with the most enchanting view, to organising private hotel transfers.

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